Using CBD to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

So, you’ve forgotten about last year’s New Year’s Resolution and didn’t quite manage to cross the finish line. There’s no judgment here. It’s a common experience to get excited about the idea of change and not have the time or energy to follow through. But you really want this year to be different, you’re sick of not reaching the lofty goals you’ve set, and now you’re here.

But you’re also here and not reading some other article. That’s because you’re curious about this CBD, and you could take all the help you can get. We know you aren’t a connoisseur. Because if you were, you wouldn’t need us to tell you why it can help.

So don’t feel overwhelmed. Here’s how CBD can help you achieve those things on your bucket list.

A Bit of Introduction

You might be new to this whole CBD thing, but you’ve probably at least heard about the “mellowing you out” aspect, right? Or, at the very least, how it’s connected to marijuana, which is something that’s supposed to mellow you out? While there’s some truth to that connection, there’s a bit more to it than just helping your mood.

See, the important thing here is that CBD is not marijuana. It’s not a drug, and it’s not addictive. So as a comparison, you could say it’s like olive oil or shortening. It’s a plant-derived product that is easily absorbed by your body without harmful effects. 

So what is CBD? Its real name is cannabidiol, and it’s one of the more important cannabinoids found in hemp. Hemp is a cannabis plant, which marijuana is as well, but only marijuana is illegal. That’s because marijuana has high concentrations of THC, and hemp does not. 

THC is responsible for the high you feel, while CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. So this CBD cannabinoid itself is not responsible for the high that people talk about when referring to marijuana, but it is responsible for some other important stuff.

One of its most important properties, and the one we will be focusing on today, is its ability to encourage your body’s natural ability to achieve homeostasis.

A Very Cool-Sounding Word

Homeostasis is a biological and physiological state wherein everything is balanced. What exactly does that mean? It’s a bit complicated, but essentially it means that the body is working as efficiently as it can. The body temperature is exactly where it needs to be, blood flow is good, chemicals are balanced, all that good stuff. Basically, it means that “all the lights are green,” biologically speaking.

So remember when we were talking about how it’s common knowledge that this stuff is supposed to mellow you out? Well, this is more or less what that actually means. CBD does not have psychoactive properties that will make you feel happy like THC, but it will help balance your system so you can relax.

When everything is balanced and working as intended, that state of homeostasis typically relaxes an individual. But, of course, you don’t need us to tell you that, right? That’s essentially what people mean when they say that CBD mellows you out. It reduces tensions and makes things a bit more clear.

…And Everything Else

Of course, with something as far-reaching as homeostasis, there’s bound to be other positive side-effects, right?

Creating a state of equilibrium within your body can help your body’s other processes, like your digestive system, help your recovery after exercise, and reduce general discomforts.

You can probably guess how CBD-aided homeostasis can help you if you’re struggling to climb the mountain that is your New Year’s Resolution, no matter what it is.

Sometimes, we all need that extra little push to get to where we’re going. But this is a little more than that. CBD is not so much a booster as it is a glue gun for a foundation. It’s sort of like taking multivitamins when you’re not in a position to have a well-balanced diet. CBD is there to make sure that, at the very least, you have sturdy ground to stand on when it’s time to get to work.

The bottom line is that CBD will help give your body the foundation of homeostasis. So when you feel better, think better, and your body is functioning better, you are much more able to achieve any New Year’s resolution you set.

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