Why CBD Is So Common Among The Millennials

Nowadays, there seems to be CBD everywhere following the passing of the US Farm Bill, which happened in 2018. The bill legalized industrial hemp, as well as medical and recreational cannabis. Since that was done at the state level, there has been an explosion of CBD products, which has made them available and popular over the past year.

Some of the places where CBD products are being sold include gas stations and even CVS, among other locations. The industry has so far not shown any signs of slowing the sales down. However, the sales are expected to rise by $5 billion this year, which is an increase of 706 percent since 2018.

What is CBD?

In case you are wondering what CBD is, it also goes by the name cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound of the cannabinoid family. It occurs naturally from the cannabis plant. So far, scientists have managed to identify 108 different types of CBD from cannabis.

Many millennials are interested in the numerous medical properties that CBD offers. It offers pain relief, reduces anxiety, and helps with the removal of acne, and surprisingly, it even treats epilepsy symptoms.

The main factor that is making CBD so popular these days among the millennials is anxiety. They are anxious about debts from the school loans, jobs, the climate, how to look good, and even terrorism. And as if that is not enough, all the things they see on the internet make them freak out even more.

CBD has become more than a mere obsession among the millennials. Mostly because high-quality CBD products are being made and being sold all over the markets. It is not commercialized as any other recreational drug, but rather as a cure for the negative effects of other drugs like marijuana and alcohol.

That has even made it more popular among the millennials because most of them always have to look fresh even after a night out partying with friends. Among the best qualities of CBD products being made is a detox drink, which will be used to support the liver’s health and help deal with hangovers.

For a long time, what millennials have been looking for is an effective way to treat those morning headaches caused by a nasty hangover. Well, Mother Nature presented them with the perfect remedy to always wake up feeling sober and fresh.

Another way in which CBD has been used is by being added to dishes like shrimp. Since it has no flavor, it acts as a social lubricant, more like the wine pairing. The only difference is that the CBD does not have a hangover effect like wine.

Millennials have been obsessed with looking good and having flawless skins, without using a lot of chemicals. Well, once again, nature provided them with CBD to take care of that. CBD has also hit the beauty industry and has made it even better than before.

Among the range of best quality of CBD products, there are anti-acne lotions, hair conditioners, shampoos, blemish creams, sleeping masks, eye serums, mascaras, soaps, massage oils, lip balms, anti-wrinkle serums, bath bombs, face lotions, and body creams.

According to the beauty professionals and the customers who have had experience with these high-quality CBD products, their lives have not been the same again since they started using them. They say that CBD has been a life-changer for them and their beauty experiences. Some even say that they have replaced their regular beauty products with high-quality CBD products.

For a long time, women and ladies have felt left out and neglected in the medical sector. They say that they feel they have to wait longer to get their services. However, with all the products, more and more health products help them deal with diverse medical problems.

Many people, especially millennials, have said in interviews that CBD has helped deal with anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Some have continued and stated that they are fed up with taking medicines that make them feel bad and have opted for the natural way that is less toxic and natural, which is CBD.

Another reason why CBD is more common among millennials is that medical professionals have termed it one of the most promising medicines that have been found to deal with neuropsychiatric diseases for the past 50 years.

They say that the reason for it being promising is because it has a new combination of effectiveness and safety around a large selection of conditions. The medical professionals have also said that CBD can be a treatment to treat alcohol use disorder as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. Both disorders are most commonly found among millennials, making them the highest population that consumes CBD.

CBD has been seen to help reduce cravings for people who may be addicted to opioids, according to a recent study conducted in 2015. It has been predicted that CBD can also be a cure for cancer because there is evidence that it stops both the spread and growth of cancer cells. However, it helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of cancer.

Some states like Alabama, Florida, and Texas have already approved some of the high-quality CBD products to treat several ailments. That way, it means that millennials have more exposure to the CBD, and it continues to be available to them more easily.

In other cities like New York, CBD products can be found at health food stores, flea markets, specialty shops, yoga studios, boutiques, and corner shops. That shows that it is very easy for the millennials to access the CBD and its products.


CBD products have become very common to most millennials, especially in the beauty industry, which has many different products for different purposes. Most millennials’ minds are how to look more attractive by only using these natural products. The availability of high-quality CBD products has made this dream become a reality among many millennials.

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