Respecting family boundaries during COVID

The pandemic has led to a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. One day they’re okay; the next day, their stress is through the roof. It’s tough for many people to navigate through this with their own families. It’s important to stick by your beliefs and respect others’ opinions during this roller coaster of a time. We have some tips about respecting family boundaries during Covid 19.

Reflect On Your Own Boundaries

One of the most challenging things about lockdown is that not everyone is on the same page. This is not a place where you can judge others because everyone has their own opinion. It’s important to reflect on what you believe and how you are handling this pandemic. Once you set up your own tolerance of risk, you’ll be able to better respect the patience of others. If your family doesn’t have strict guidelines and you do, respectfully decline their invites. If the roles are switched, try to understand their point of view. Understand that each person may not feel the same as you. Your guidelines may change over time, as well. Take it a day at a time.

Communicate Clearly

It’s important to share your feelings about the pandemic as a whole with those in your circle. It may be a tough conversation, but everyone must get their feelings on the table, so you know what to expect. Your loved ones may not feel comfortable seeing you, even during the holidays and birthdays. It’s better you know that then feel insulted when they don’t show up. Ask questions about their comfort level. Show them that you genuinely care about their beliefs. Remember that not everyone is always on the same page when it comes to boundary setting.

It’s Okay To Say No

It’s okay for anyone to say “no” during this time. Your line in the sand may be much further out than your family’s line in the sand. They may say “no” to every invite, they may not come to your house for your kid’s birthday; this is okay. They may insist on a video call and sending gifts to your home via mail. Guidelines are meant to keep people safe and healthy. It’s okay for anyone to decline an invite to keep themselves as safe as possible.

Don’t Let The Pandemic Rule Your Conversation.

One thing about respecting another person’s guidelines is that you don’t have to let those guidelines dominate your conversation. Try to put effort into the positive things in your life. You can respect everyone’s beliefs without having them rule your life. Enjoy yourself when you get to video chat with loved ones or even get to see them in person. Show your respect by putting on a smile and giving them encouragement.

Show Compassion

It’s essential to reach out a hand with compassion when you cannot wrap your arms around people in a hug. A tiny bit of empathy will go far during this time. Show your respect and love in a nonjudgmental way. Don’t shout out to your relatives that they’re silly for their set of guidelines. When you’re discussing your beliefs, show gratitude towards their premises. These small acts of compassion boost everyone’s mental energy. No one has the correct answer, even if they think they are right. The most important thing is to be kind and respectful of each other.

Proceed with love and caution. Show your loved ones you respect their decisions by giving them support. Everyone is just trying to get through this in their own way.

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