How Much Is Enough: CBD Dosage Guide

CBD is a popular health remedy that is being used by nearly 46 million people in America. This tincture is taken to alleviate chronic pain, to improve a person’s health, and to help manage symptoms associated with various conditions or diseases. Many people that use CBD must figure out the right dosage to take. This is important for getting the best results from this treatment option. The information presented here will help you to understand how much CBD you should use for your unique situation.

CBD Doesn’t Have an Official Dosage Guide

One of the biggest problems facing CBD usage has to do with the drug’s treatment status. While the 2018 Farm Bill has legalized the sale and use of CBD in all 50 states, that doesn’t mean the FDA approves of this substance. More research must be done before CBD is considered an accepted medical drug. Since the FDA doesn’t approve of CBD products, there is no official dosage guide for this substance.

The lack of a standardized dosage guide forces users to figure out how much to use on their own. Ultimately, users will have to apply practical methods for figuring out how much CBD they should use. By the way, the FDA approves only one type of CBD product. We’ll discuss the prescribed dosage amount for this remedy later in the article.

Start Small and Then Go Big

Medical experts firmly believe that users should start small and go big when it comes to using CBD. This is a normal procedure that medical experts use for patients taking new drugs. They will provide them with small dosage amounts to see how the patient’s body responds. If the response is favorable, they will not prescribe patients more of the drug.

However, if the prescribed amount doesn’t help the patient, they will gradually increase the dosage. You should also know that, if a patient has a negative response, the dosage will be lowered or the drug will no longer be used. Medical experts will not risk a patient’s life or health if a remedy is causing them problems. Just remember to always start with a small amount of CBD and gradually increase it over time if it’s necessary to do so.

Criteria for Figuring out Dosage Amount

When you take a treatment remedy, there are many factors that you must consider. The first thing that you will consider is the condition you’re trying to treat with CBD. You will need to know the severity of your condition and what CBD can do to help bring relief. Truthfully, a doctor should be providing you with qualified medical treatments for the conditions that impact you.

However, if those treatments are not effective, then they could prescribe the use of CBD to provide relief. Still, they might have to figure out the right type of CBD dosage for your body. So, the first step is to determine the severity of your condition.

The concentration level of CBD must be addressed. CBD products have different strengths. Some are more potent than others. The higher the concentration amount, the stronger the remedy. You need to pay attention to the concentration level of CBD because you don’t want to overdo using this substance.

For example, if you are suffering from simple joint pain, taking a high 20 mg dosage of a CBD product could be overkill for your situation. Once again, start with the smaller dosage amounts and work your way up to higher amounts if necessary. Don’t forget that CBD concentration levels are measured in milligrams.

All people are basically the same in terms of how our bodies are designed and function. Even though that is a fact, people differ in how their systems respond to medicines, chemicals, and various substances. Have you ever noticed how some people can use a certain medication and not have any side effects, but another person taking the same medicine ends up getting sick from the treatment. A lot of that has to do with body chemistry.

You (and a medical professional) will have to figure out how your body responds to CBD. While many people respond positively to this drug, quite a few don’t. It would be best if you had your doctor perform a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) to find out your body’s chemical balance and metabolism.

The information from this test will be useful for gauging beneficial dosage amounts. You should also consider your weight when taking CBD dosages. Naturally, heavier people will need more of this product to bring about the healing effect they desire.

Basic Guideline for CBD Dosage Amounts

We already discussed some of the different criteria for determining the amount of CBD dosages you should use. Now, we’re going to examine the dosage amounts recommended by the FDA for the proven CBD remedy. The name of this drug won’t be mentioned, but it is prescribed for seizures that accompany the Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndromes.

Dosages for this drug must be precise because children who are two years old can use it. The last thing that any doctor or parent wants to do is over medicate a toddler with a CBD remedy. The FDA approved CBD remedy helps them, but it could also harm them if they receive the wrong dosage amount.

The FDA recommends dosage amounts for this drug be given at 2.5 mg/kg. It can gradually be increased up to 5 mg/kg if necessary. The dosage amount for this drug might not apply to your specific condition. However, the prescribed dosage amount does provide a good guideline for how CBD should be used medically.

Once again, there isn’t a standardized dosage chart for CBD users. However, most dosage charts created for CBD users will recommend dosage amounts based on the weight of the person. Here are some basic guidelines for taking CBD.

  • Up to 50 pounds 0.1 – 2 mg
  • 50 to 100 pounds 2 mg – 4 mg
  • 100 to 150 pounds 4 mg – 6 mg
  • 150 to 200 pounds 6 mg – 8 mg
  • 200 to 250 pounds 8 mg – 10 mg
  • 250 to 300 pounds 10 mg – 12 mg

Keep in mind that some dosage charts recommend for people to take as much as 1500 mg of this substance. That is a lot of CBD for any person to take regardless of their size. The point is that you cannot rely on a chart to determine how much CBD you should take. You are going to have to figure out dosage amounts for yourself.

Make sure you keep a CBD journal that records the dosage amounts that you are taking. It would help if you also wrote down how the dosage amounts affect you. Once you have this information, you and your doctor can figure out the best CBD dosage amount you should use for your condition. This will help you to better process CBD and get the best results from this medical remedy.

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