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Top Cannabis Farms That Offer a Tour

As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana and hemp – the non-psychoactive cannabis plant is legal on the federal level, the number of cannabis consumers keeps growing, and so does the interest in cannabis.

Now you might want to find out more about cannabis beyond the effects it produces. Learning about the lifecycle of the cannabis plant from seed to harvest and the care that goes into growing each seed will make you fully aware of the product you consume.

Many consumers like you are now searching for ways to acquire more knowledge about the cannabis plant. Is there a better place to do so than at a cannabis farm? Certainly not! Luckily, many U.S. cannabis farms already offer tours. Below is the list of the top three cannabis farm tours to learn more about the cannabis-growing industry.

Humboldt Farm Tours

When searching for the best farms to tour on the west coast, you should stop by Humboldt Cannabis Tours. It’s located in Humboldt County, a 5-hour drive away from Sacramento, in northwestern California. The county, commonly referred to as the epicenter of the cannabis industry, is known amongst locals as an extraction alley.

Humboldt has a long history of cannabis farming; therefore, it’s one of the best places to explore cannabis farms.

Humboldt Cannabis Tours helps facilitate cannabis enthusiasts and those curious about marijuana interacting with local cannabis producers in Humboldt, who offer educational cannabis experience in California.

Here you can choose between half-day, full-day, and dispensary half-day tours. These tours will take you to cannabis farms, nurseries, or dispensaries and include Q&A sessions with farmers. Here you get to explore farms yourself and even get your hands dirty soil farmers use to grow cannabis plants.

Beyond tours, the company also provides cannabis-friendly hotel and restaurant recommendations in the area, so it’s also a great place to visit from a far distance.

Emerald Farm Seed-to-Sale Tours

When you are eager to learn about the journey cannabis goes through from the seed to plant and then to the final product, Emerald Farm Seed-to-Sale tours are an excellent choice.

Emerald Farm Tours offers an in-depth journey with the cannabis plant and industry veteran tour guides. These tours allow you to learn more about the industry and better understand how the country’s largest legal cannabis market is serving its customers. Here you can visit an indoor marijuana farm and learn about the different life cycles of the cannabis plant. The tour also incorporates a visit to a manufacturing facility where the plant transforms into extracts or concentrates and cannabis oils. In the end, you will tour a retail shop with all forms of available cannabis products and use a specially arranged discount. In addition, the tour includes a Q&A session with one or more members of the business leadership teams at every stop.

Partners of Emerald Farm Seed-to-Sale Tours include:

Dark Heart Nursery
One of the biggest Bay Area producers of clones, providers of genetics for growers in Northern California

Jetty Extracts
Quality cannabis concentrate producers, innovators, and California industry leaders

Pioneers of legal cannabis and the largest dispensary in the United States

Full-Day Pot Zero Sustainable Cannabis Farm Harvest Tour

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without a cannabis tour in Colorado — the trendsetter in the cannabis industry, the marijuana mecca, and one of the pioneer states along with Washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use.

Pot Zero is an organic marijuana farm founded in 2014 by Rob and Linda Trotter in Gypsum, Colorado, aiming to create the most environmentally conscious marijuana products available in Colorado and beyond. The farm has a unique location at 12,500ft of elevation in Colorado’s Gore Mountains. Combined with organic growing methods and mountain spring-fed mineral water, the soil, and seeds have responded with intense vigor and elevated levels of rare and sought-after cannabinoids, including CBG, THC-V, CBD, and unusually high levels of THC.

The tour begins at the Cannabis Creative space in Denver, Colorado. Afterward, it takes you into the Rocky Mountains for a scenic view of endless mountain ranges. It includes a stop at Altitude Wellness, where you’ll be able to purchase some of Pot Zero’s organic products. After that, you’ll go for a scenic ride around beautiful Lake Dillon and into Frisco. The last stop is Pot Zero, where you’ll be guided through the entire cannabis farming process and tour the field with the plants in their final stages of flowering. You’ll also learn about the sustainable practices the farm uses.

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